After 30 years of roaming the country, reporting Scotland for a wide range of radio and television programmes, David Calder has retired from day-to-day broadcasting.

However, he has not hung up his microphone. He has created a local podcast for Portobello - the Porty Podcast - and is working on another - Spirit of Scotland - about Whisky, Gin and Craft Beer!

He's also invested in new technology to help firms use video as a marketing tool. The technology means that clients can provide the stills or video and David turns it into professional content!

Working with his wife, Penny, he provides workshops on media and communication skills, face-to-face in small groups or in webinars.

The Famous Grouse and the Biggest Bottle of Whisky

Posted by on 17 August 2012

We’ve been working with The Famous Grouse for several years now; so when they said they planned to go for the World record for the largest bottle of whisky ever, it just had to be filmed. The trouble is that nowhere in the UK has the facilities to make a glass bottle of that size any more. In fact, the only firm that can is Bomma in the Czech Republic. Sadly, we didn’t get to film there — a local crew did that; but the final shots were taken in Scotland and the whole piece edited here. The event took place on the “birthday” of The Famous Grouse — Sunday the 12th of August 2012 — at The Famous Grouse Experience just outside Crieff in Perthshire and a representative of Guinness World Records was on hand to confirm that the old record (held by Jack Daniels in the USA) hadn’t just been broken — but smashed! 228 litres is a LOT of whisky.