After 30 years of roaming the country, reporting Scotland for a wide range of programmes on radio and television, David Calder is moving into a new sphere - online training.

A director of the online video production company,, he's been asked to advise firms on how best to use video as a marketing tool. So he's created a course that covers everything from the kit you might need to the content of the videos, from creating a digital marketing strategy to optimising and promoting the videos you make.

Working with his wife, Penny Haywood Calder of PHPR, he will also be producing a series of webinars on Public Relations as well. And to complete a trio of services, he'll be developing a series of media and communication skills courses as well.


Posted by on 2 February 2011

Some people have been kind enough to comment on my work and that of colleagues. Here is a sample of them:

Martin Browne has hired me a number of times as a Media Consultant and film maker
“David helped me achieve fantastic PR coverage in my first company. At first I was sceptical but David showed how a story can be written for the media that is creative, engaging and readable and from that point I never looked back. David’s knowledge of how the media works is exceptional and his approach to his subject makes working with David a pleasure.”

Thomas Haywood, Owner of Thomas Haywood Photography
“David produces some very high quality videos for business and his years of experience shines through in what he does. Additionally he is a delight to do business with and I would not have any hesitation in recommending him.”

Josef Church-Woods of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce hired us as film makers in 2008
“I worked with David extensively in 2008, when him and his colleagues at BitWeb.TV produced several very well-received issues of Chamber TV for the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. I found David reliable in that he consistently provided me with material of a high standard and delivered a good fininshed product on time, every time.”

Katy Stollery, PR Manager for The Famous Grouse has hired me several times for film-making and communication skills training
“Its a pleasure to work with David. He is highly professional and a very experienced journalist and all round media broadcaster. He knows his profession and is willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best job. I would highly recommend him. Katy Stollery”

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