After 30 years of roaming the country, reporting Scotland for a wide range of programmes on radio and television, David Calder is moving into a new sphere - online training.

A director of the online video production company,, he's been asked to advise firms on how best to use video as a marketing tool. So he's created a course that covers everything from the kit you might need to the content of the videos, from creating a digital marketing strategy to optimising and promoting the videos you make.

Working with his wife, Penny Haywood Calder of PHPR, he will also be producing a series of webinars on Public Relations as well. And to complete a trio of services, he'll be developing a series of media and communication skills courses as well.

Public Speaking

Posted by on 15 May 2009

I’ve just been on one of the best public speaking courses ever. It’s run by a fascinating guy called Erick Rainey and his company is called Rainworks. He’s a global prize-winning speaker in his own right and he has the ability to improve your self confidence no end.
I now have to follow his mantra:
I am a mountain
I will follow my goals
I have set my inner compass
I will persist until I succeed…
in whatever field I chose — and at the moment, there are four, interconnected fields:
online video, communication skills training, public speaking and ebooks.
Let’s say I have plenty of opportunity.
Til next time

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